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Mental Health Coaching for America's Patriots

Coaching for Defenders of the American Republic


Serving Civilians & those in Uniform

Mental Health Coaching, rooted in Purpose, Provision, Improvement, & Community for Defenders & Protectors of our American way of life.

We fully support the Second Amendment of the US Constitution.


Life, Liberty, & the Pursuit of Happiness
Gun Culture & Mental Health

For too long there has been a total disconnect between both the mental health and gun communities, and this does nobody any good.

We affirm the US Constitution, the Holy Bible, self-determination, sovereignty, and liberty.

Areas of Focus

Areas of Focus

Networking Event

1:1 Behavioral Health Coaching

Depending on your needs & interests, we offer Coaching options which are ethically grounded, 2A affirming, & led by highly experienced clinician-coaches.

Weekly Group Sessions:
The Front Lines

We meet LIVE once a week for a 60 minute group session, led by Dr. Palmer, founder and director of 2A Mental Health Coaching. Groups can seem intimidating, but we swear by the power of an effective group.

2A Psy Ops Community

Exclusive content and community that is not possible in current social media "community standards" rules. 2A Psy Ops is a place that brings together defenders and protectors and equips and supports them through expertise in the field of mental health coaching.

"I'm so glad that 2A Mental Health Coaching is available to provide a space for those struggling to be heard by someone that understands them and they can trust."

Ashley Hlebinsky, Firearms Historian

POMA/NSSF Grits Gresham Award SHOT Show 2017


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