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Advisory Board Member

Dr. Palmer previously serves on the Advisory Board for WTTA.

Walk The Talk America believes that by improving the quality and availability of mental health resources to gun owners we can reduce suicide by firearm. We are paving the way by educating mental health professionals about gun culture and breaking negative stigmas around mental health for gun owners. We are saving lives.


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Who leads 2A Mental Health?

Dr. Palmer is a consummate team builder and incurable optimist. In addition to being the founder of 2A Mental Health Coaching, he’s also a licensed psychotherapist, holding licensure in numerous states, and is certified in numerous specialties, such as: first responder counselor, clinical adventure therapist, integrative mental health, as well as a board approved clinical supervisor in several states. His career spans more than two decades of work in two diverse areas, with equal parts adventure leadership/wilderness guide as well as an impressive background within both executive healthcare systems and university counseling centers and clinical practices. He is also a former first responder, US Army National Guard Infantry soldier, police department crisis intervention on-call team member and after-hours emergency mental health responder for Seattle area hospitals, and he has significant experience as a director of mental health and clinician for the Department of Corrections in two states. Dr. Palmer has extensive experience facilitating Intensive Outpatient Programs for First Responders, spanning many years of engagement with first responders of all stripes.

As a clinician, Dr. Palmer is a leader in the field, as both a university professor and in corporate healthcare, within tribal healthcare and Infant, Child, & Adolescent Development. As a university professor and healthcare executive, Dr. Palmer was project director for numerous federal grants as a partner with Johns Hopkins University, Indian Health Services, SAMHSA, Administration for Native Americans, and others totaling over $6 million in funding for Child & Youth Development programs that he developed. Dr. Palmer has taught extensively in the university system in outdoor risk management, wilderness medicine and leadership, adventure filmmaking, experiential education, and is a visiting professor within Grand Canyon University’s behavioral health program, focused on trauma, family development, and other psychology courses.


In his day-to-day life, Dr. Palmer and his wife, Greta, operate a small family farm and three generation vineyard in Southern Oregon. From there he operates 2A Mental Health Coaching. Dr. Palmer and Greta also coach families in their Adventure-Based Parenting intensive coaching program which is designed to revitalize relationships, motivate active lifestyles, and foster long-term connections between parents and their children/adolescents. They maintain an active Youtube presence on their channel, Backcountry Professor, and they have five very adventurous kids, who are all interested in pursuing various careers in the US military, with their oldest currently serving in the US Army National Guard. Dr. Palmer is on the Advisory Board for Walk the Talk America (WTTA), a member of USCCA, a concealed carry permit holder, a well-known ultra-marathon paddler, a highly experienced wilderness canoeist, and is passionate about the freedoms afforded by the US Constitution, his faith, and in walking alongside those who find themselves in difficult and dark times.


Let’s Work Together

My goal is to work with motivated individuals who are want to improve their lives. Time is precious, so I won't waste yours. Let's set up a video call (NO COST) and see if we're a fit. 

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